Wednesday, May 05, 2004

I'm looking forward to the 6th Annual Official Comics Festival in Bristol in a few weeks.
It's enlightening to see the creators of the stories I read every week in 2000AD in the flesh. They are all more than happy to give you their time to knock off a sketch for free (although I haven't tried to come between them and their pint in the Reckless Engineer yet). Here's one that the very dark Frazer Irving (Judge Death specialist) did for my birthday a couple of years ago:

The events are pretty good too - the guys from Viz made me laugh at the London festival last autumn. So irreverant, talking about all the stories that got them into trouble. Tha Kappa Slappa story (title now changed?) was written by a poor, unsuspecting work-placement artist who based it on a trailer parker he knew from school. The girl wasn't impressed - she sounded just like Vicky Pollard, the character created by Matt Lucas for "Little Britain":

Now that character is pretty scarey - I have been told that people like that really exist. I am so happy that I haven't had to meet them.

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