Monday, May 17, 2004


GuilFest 04

Haven't been on the guest list for a gig for MANY years. Managed to save a tenner by getting in with Sue at RUSU's "360" to watch the Buzzcocks. They aren't really on tour, just doing the occasional gig every few months so I'm impressed they are playing here at all.
Non-stop punk music - no chatting between records, just loads of energetic music. Quite a few I recognised (and some I didn't), opening with "Boredom", "Harmony In My Head", "Promises", "Noise Annoys", "What do I get?", "Ever fallen in love?", "Oh shit", "I Don't Know What To Do With My Life", and a bunch of others before ending with "Orgasm Addict".
Another band added to my have-seen list before they pop their clogs (last year I caught The Undertones at GuilFest)


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