Friday, May 07, 2004

GARPS elections ended up as a damp squib. "So who wants to be President?" ..... {silence}.... "Ok then, how about Treasurer?"..... {silence}.... "Safety Officer?"
Maybe 9 people wasn't really the sort of turnout we were hoping for so we'll have another bash during Fun Week - a 'turn up, vote and get a free beer' sort-of-thing should help.
At least we had a good discussion of what we could do in Fun Week - the sponsored 24-hour gameathon for charity should separate the dedicated gamers from those who thought Uni was for studying. First step is to choose a worthy charity that would benefit from the sponsorship (finding the GMs and players for the 24-hour session should be a lot easier!). Other activities will be a trip to an appropriate film (blood, gore, teeth, naked flesh, etc etc); a pub run; a games demo night; the rearranged elections-cum-AGM; and other stuff we haven't thought of yet.

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