Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Avatar 3D? Denied.

This evening was supposed to be a trip to see Avatar 3D. Sadly the snow - or people's inability to handle snow - got in the way.

The snow in Reading is reasonably deep for the region - about 7 inches. Normally we have zero at this time of year. I'm working from home as the 2 mile trip to work is not ideal; tomorrow the office is closed due to the weather so the choice is gone anyway.

Tonight I catch the (delayed) train one stop into Reading. The walk isn't too bad to and from the station - lots of snow rather than ice - and soon I'm in the Hobgoblin pub with a pint of perry before the film.

Gavin then informs me that the cinema - which was open at lunchtime - is now closed so we stay in the pub. I let the control centre (the wife) know. I'd checked at the station earlier and knew that as long as I was out of the pub by 11pm I'd catch the last train.

Come 9:15am and I receive a text from head office (the wife) that "the trains will stop earlier than they said". Being in the pub still seemed fun so I imagined I would now be walking back to Woodley come 11pm.

Eventually we left the pub and parted ways near Reading College. I phoned home to let Sue know what was going on, only to be told that I should have phoned earlier as her text message about the trains no longer applied. Thanks. So now I could walk 2/3 of a mile back to the station for a train that may, or may not, still be there or continue the two and a quarter miles home.

I chose the latter and, as I munched a packet of chips I bought on the way, the Earley train could be seen trundling through the night towards Woodley. I still had an hour to go ...


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