Wednesday, December 30, 2009


A day at the cinema

I almost went to watch three movies in a day, like I did a few years ago, but decided to save Avatar for a session with friends.

First film was an evening showing of 2012, a thoroughly annoying film on many levels.

First the quack science about neutrinos had my teeth on edge. And the cracks in the ground that were supposedly unrelated to tectonic movements. Gah!

Then the escape sequence down routes where no-one in their right mind would contemplate going; superheroes, maybe, but not real people. And collapsing terrain that does so at exactly the same speed as the escaping vehicle, regardless of the speed of said vehicle. For huge distances. The effects did look amazing but this treatment didn't generate tension as the situations just turned ridiculous.

The geologist's "open the gates" speech really wound me up with its humanitarian rubbish. Millions upon millions have just been left to die - a few thousand more is not going to be a big deal and certainly won't convince the other world leaders to jeopardise the whole escale plan. He should have been shot instead.

I suppose I should commend the film makers for the variety in ways in which minor character were killed off - volcano, drowning, plane crash, falling, machinery, aircraft carrier - although, not surprisingly, none of the children died. In fact, quite the opposite - the daughter was able to stop wetting the bed by the end of the film. This was by far the most ludicrous part of the film - a child was able to throw off whatever minor hangups she had at the beginning of the film without gaining any new mental disorders from avoiding death on multiple occasions. I would imagine most children would have nightmares for months after surviving the end of civilisation as we know it.

But were there any redeeming features? I did enjoy the special effects and the representation of large-scale destruction. Would I watch it again? Probably not.

On the other hand, my second film Up is thoroughly recommended. This animated film was pure class - at times really sad and then funny and exciting. All the animation was top notch - I wish we had watched it earlier in the season as we may then have gone out to catch the 3D version too. I'm not sure I would have been able to handle the scenes upon the dirigible - the perceived height made my buttocks clench in 2D so I hate to think what the version with proper depth to it would do for me.

I did learn a few things from the film, such as what a snipe hunt is.

Avatar will be next week, I expect. Not sure about which version to see. I've read one report that compares the 2D and 3D versions - the 2D was regarded as a better experience due to the lush use of colours in the movie that do not come across in the 3D version due to the glasses. Must ask some local people their opinion...


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