Tuesday, September 29, 2009


You Ain't Seen Me, Right?

Mottled Beauty (Alcis repandata)


Saturday, September 26, 2009


The Hobgoblin Pub in Reading

Highly recommended establishment. I'm amazed it is still going and that the site hasn't been bought out by some souless High Street chain. It's one of the few Real Ale pubs in Reading and a stopping off point for trips to the cinema. There's a main bar area (which is small) and three little areas at the back that probably accommodate 10 people in total. In good weather, the overflow goes outside into the Broad Steet pedestrianised area.

Here's me in one of the alcoves waiting for Gavin. A rare shot as finding a free alcove is uncommon.



Maybe wiser to set Automatic Updates to occur during Office hours?

iPhone update obliterates Haslams advertising space.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Venison Swiss Steak recipe

Today I entertained my family with a meal that went well so I'd thought I'd share. I didn't have time to plan something well in advance so defrosted some meat and looked online for recipes. In the end I cooked venison Swiss steak for the adventurous and roasted some stuffed pork for those not interested.

The venison recipe was taken from Cooks.com and was very easy. Also, I learnt a new technique - making crispy (but not burnt) bacon. Here's a simplified version of the recipe - actual amount of ingredients is up to you.

Step 1
Fry streaky bacon rashers until crispy and then crush them.

Step 2
Brown the venison in the bacon fat. The recipe recommended covering the meat in seasoned flour first but I couldn't be bothered.

Step 3
Saute mushrooms in butter.

Step 4
In a saucepan, put:
- can of cream of mushroom soup
- can of chopped tomatoes
- chopped onion
- chopped green pepper
- Worcestershire sauce
- crushed bacon, browned venison, sauted mushrooms

Step 5
Simmer for a couple of hours.

Nom, nom, nom.


Must remember to stir the custard

The recipe did specify using a large bowl for microwaving custard. It would appear that a Pyrex jug is too narrow for the bubbles of steam generated...

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


My Guitar Hero alter ego

Good old eBay. Sadly I couldn't get hold of the dark-haired version.

Sunday, September 06, 2009


How do those legs work?

I think these arachnids (harvestmen, not spiders) are amazing - how does they manage to move with such long, thin legs? That brick ia about 65mm high and some its legs are nearly that long. According to Wiki, it's really different from a spider - no venom or silk glands, one pair of eyes that look sideways, a merged main body instead of one in two parts, and legs that continue to twitch after being detached.


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