Monday, November 23, 2009


Bucharest Day 1 - In Training

The TCP/IP training has been going well with the indefatigable Ian Cunningham at the helm. The first day has been a history lesson about networking, filling with real-world experience from a trainer with as many years working with Microsoft products as me! It's been funny having my memory jogged about the many technologies I've had to use in the past and took for granted at the time.

For example, back when you had to use modems to dial-up to service providers to access the Internet, Microsoft provided staff with the option to provide a telephone number to be called back on. This saved us a lot of money, either at home or on the road. I remember years ago accidentally typing in my mother-in-law's home number instead of mine by mistake. I only worked out why the RAS machine hadn't called me back when Olive rang us to ask if we knew what the strange call she'd just received had been about ...

Hopefully my security pass will be enabled tomorrow so I can move around the Microsoft offices without waiting for someone to unlock the doors for me.


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