Monday, November 23, 2009


Bucharest Day 1 - Health and Safety

In the UK there can be a lot of criticism of litigation-averse councils and companies when they become overprotective. Newspapers and critics foam at the mouth, crying "health and safety gone mad". These people have obviously never been to Bucharest.

Walking around the city is an educational experience. Here it is seemingly OK for iron bars to stick out of the ground where some fixture was removed many years ago. Pot holes and missing flagstones are quite common and you need one eye on the floor whilst the other admires the many delightful buildings.

Talking of buildings, I'm used to construction work being fenced off back in the UK. Here an efficient-looking moving platform rises up to collect debris from work in the upper floors, all while people walk almost underneath it to get to a shop.

Another scene which I unfortunately didn't capture was of a young man holding a rope which went up several floors to a pulley at the top of some scaffolding. I was tempted to hang around to see what was at the other end but instead decided that maybe that wasn't such a great idea.


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