Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Stockholm - day 3 - the Ice Bar

The reception area of the Nordic Sea Hotel is quite interesting with its long aquarium down the middle. Now there is also an Absolut Ice Bar attached where you can sip spirits at -5°C.

As Stockholm doesn't have too much open in the evening (all the tourist attractions such as museums are normally long closed) we decided to try this place out before having our meal.

You pay up 180-195 SEK (£15+) for the privilege of sitting on blocks of ice for 40 minutes, drinking a cocktail from a glass made out of a smaller block of ice. Refills are 95 SEK (about £8 - well, it is Stockholm).

It's a novelty and I expect some will find the experience entertaining but I soon felt "is that it?". I would definitely have wanted it colder - you can get -5°C in the UK if the winter is in your favour. Being hardened explorers, we'd been to the Artic Circle in December so this temperature was positively balmy. And maybe some Northern Lights projected on ceiling would have helped. More ice sculptures too - there was only one of interest of a spray-can-weilding hoody.

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