Sunday, September 14, 2008


Stockholm - day 0 - up, up and away...

Off to LHR Terminal 5 today - thankfully they seem to have cleared up all the teething problems by now. The building is impressively big with long drops and massive columns.

The engineering looks grand and clean. Be interesting to see how it looks in a few years - it's one thing to build an architecturally sound air terminal and it's another to design one that's easy to clean and maintain.

On the flight I gave the window seat to Sue so she could see what was going on. Maybe it helps her be less nervous; I'm not sure. She was happy to take photos anyway.

Here's Twickenham Stadium in the distance and then the Blenheim Centre. The latter is tricky to find in the satellite photos of Google Earth as the building hadn't been completed at the time they were collected. According to the Centre's web site "The Blenheim Centre is a major new £220 million, mixed-use development in the centre of Hounslow. The complex will comprise retail, leisure, offices, both private and affordable keyworker housing and additional community facilities."

Soon the photos become fuzzier as our simple digital camera fails to cope with the intervening atmosphere. After a while sky was too dark for anything apart from moon shots. Good way of finding dead pixels on the camera's sensor, moon shots...

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