Friday, May 11, 2007


Isn't the Internet fantastic for history?

At the moment I'm preparing a little case for some medals given to relatives during World War I. Rather than just display them as they are, I've decided to research what the medals are called and why they were issued which would be easy enough without the Internet as any library would have a book to help with this.
What I did find interesting was the amount of information I could find for the 8th medal in the collection which was a Royal Navy Long Service & Good Conduct Medal, issued for 15 years of service.
First the monarch on the back was not George V but Edward VII which put the medal in the 1901-1910 period, a number of years before the others.
Around the edge of the medal is name, rank, number and the name of the ship "HMS Cormorant". This ship, a 1,000 ton sloop, I find was launched in 1877 and from 1889 (until it was scrapped in 1949) was stationed at Gibraltar as a "base ship".

Additionally, the ship was re-named ROOKE in 1946, the name to be later given to the naval shore establishment on Gibraltar ... where my dad served in the 1970s.
So how weird is that? My dad served in the same "ship" as my mum's grandfather.

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