Saturday, April 28, 2007


"Rock and Reel" at The After Dark

The After Dark club is still going but is no longer a regular haven for local bands looking for a stage and instead caters for clubbers with regular club nights. Partly because of this and also due to the local bands that we followed having disbanded, we had not been there for probably a decade before tonight.
This evening was a Pressgang gig - a special for the band as they had played the After Dark a lot back in the distant past when they were still a local band.
Their warm-up band, Lack of Limits, were invited from Germany.


Lack of Limits are:

The range if music was impressive considering the audience were expecting a folk-rock night - I wasn't expecting to hear ska music ("Matsch to me") or didgeridoos injected at all.

Eve, Christian and a blurry AndréAndré, Marco and Sönke

Check out their website as it looks like all their past 4 CDs can be downloaded as MP3s (not full length but long enough to appreciate).
Pressgang came on later with their much-travelled and played set-list with the new inclusion of "Stain On Your Heart", one of George's own songs. The latter was weird to hear - I had listened to it so often on CD that I had always assumed it has been played live but tonight was the first time.
I would say that All the old favourites were there - including "Flanders", "Take A Jump", "New South Wales", "John Knox", "Donkey". with Cliff's ever-enthusiastic story-telling in "Merrily, Merrily" - but it would be impossible to squeeze in all the songs you want to hear from their repertoire in on set.
Cliff and GeorgeThere's one thing you can't criticise Pressgang fans on and that is passion :-)
Damian and Tony performing "John Knox"
Cliff performing "Merrily, Merrily"

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