Thursday, May 11, 2006


"Once again we're flying colours"

Now that the home shirts have been slashed in the sale to £20 (an amount I'd much rather spend), I'm thinking of getting one but with a name across the back (a little indulgence). Problem is,  what should I have written there?
  • BREAKWELL (bit obvious)
  • MSWOLF (too corporate?)
  • GREENGOBLIN (too silly?)

Any suggestions? Maximum of 16 characters (only A-Z and no punctuation - it is aimed at football fans).

MS Wolf sounds like Mizz Wolf

I would have Green Goblin
or Nazgul or something like that.


Mine's sorted: Keebo
How about LOSERS, or RUBBISH. Or in true Wolvo speak, how about WE'M CRAP.
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