Saturday, May 27, 2006


Maycon 2006

Had a good time at Maycon down the road near Heathrow. Basically yet another board-game and free-form con for the people who turned up to such events as FurryCon (in the 90s) and more recently Consummation. Over two days we managed to cram in "Roborally", "Take It Easy!", "Loopin' Louie", "6 Nimmt!", "Tarantella", a clockwork zombie game (which I managed to pour a small jug of vinegar over), "Ticket to Ride (USA)" and several others that I can't quite remember now.

In this action-packed shot my poor droid is getting hammered (and burnt and lasered...) in Roborally. This is a great planning game where everything usually goes wrong. You have to program your robot with its next 5 moves and head off for the next checkpoint. Unfortunately everyone else is doing the same and usually are in your way, which means they often bump into you. This results in your carefully thought out (and often danced out...) 5-step program getting screwed and your robot ending up in the firepit. It's also funny game to watch as players move their bodies through the motions of Left-Left-Forward 2-Right-About Turn to make sure their robot is actually going to avoid the lasers and end up facing the right way. £30+ new.

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