Monday, May 22, 2006


Ffestiniog Power Station

Here's what you could have won! (according to "Beautiful North Wales")

"Experience the power of hydro-electricity at Edison Mission Energy`s Hydro Centre in Ffestiniog. Enjoy underground tours, an interactive visitor centre or a hair-raising drive up to Stwlan Dam on one of Snowdonia`s highest roads."

Unfortunately the portacabins nearby housing the visitor's centre were closed despite it only being mid-afternoon. Looking on First Hydro's website, there's no visitor centre listed. Further Googling brings up the Gwynedd Council website (from where the text above was obviously taken) and the fact the HydroCentre is only open June-October for random tourists. Pah.

So we looked at the interesting building and the placid reservoir for a while before continuing our adventure to Reading.

[[And the lesson for our Welsh language students: Stwlan is pronounced Stulan. The "w" is spoken as a short oo as in pull; a longer sound, like the oo in fool, would be shown by "ŵ"]]

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