Thursday, May 26, 2005

Sadly, the exams for my Spanish GCSE course have come and gone and my fellow students have now gone their separate ways. I think we had a really good collection of people and most of us were surprised that so many stayed on for the whole year. We put this down to Gabriela's teaching style - very bubbly and energetic every week despite the classes being 7:30pm until 9pm. Now there is the long wait for the results to come out (end of August).

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Oh right... Podcasting! Downloading recorded programs to play from the desktop or MP3 player. Seems pretty obvious thing to do but the difference is using Podcast software to set up subscriptions to the source so each new program is regularly downloaded.

Try out The Rock Show on the The Podcast Network:

"This show goes to eleven" :-)

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Dork Tower - the Voice of Reason

Sunday, May 15, 2005


From left-to-right

??? - JOE CASEY - ??? - ???

Featuring a ten minute preview of the film:
The Mindscape of Alan Moore by DeZ Vylenz.
Followed by a panel discussion about the magic of Alan Moore's work.
With (from left-to-right):

Leah Moore & John Reppion (Wild Girl, Albion),
Chris Staros (publisher of From Hell, Voices of the Fire),
Panel host,
DeZ Vylenz,
David Lloyd (Moore's collaborator on V for Vendetta)



Friday, May 06, 2005


Haha, Reading & District Labour party become disenchanted with the sitting MP for Reading East, Jane Griffiths,  and deselected her as their candidate in the General election, choosing councillor Tony Page instead.
The Labour voters, whom the Labour party are supposed to represent, then showed that they would rather have a Conservative MP than Tony Page. The Labour vote slumped by over 10%, allowing the Tories to scrape in to what had been a strong Labour seat.
"Are you thinking what we're thinking?" Yes, just like in Blaenau Gwent, you have to remember that it is the voters that put the MPs into Westminster and not the selection committees.


Another General Election, another constituency. Either I'm on the move or the boundaries are - I wish we could make up our minds!
June 9th, 1983 The end of my first year at Swansea University but only days into my 19th year of life. Can't remember if campus was Swansea East or West - actually, I don't recall voting anyway but it would have been Conservative in what was (and still is) a safe Labour seat.
June 11th, 1987 I had only just moved to Reading and was probably still in the YMCA and not yet on the electoral register. Reading East and West both Tory seats.
April 9th, 1992 Living in Woodley now with Sue
May 1st, 1997 The Boundaries Committee decided that our maisonette, although quite near to central Woodley, was actually part of Maidenhead (Teresa May), a safe Tory seat - much to Sue's annoyance. We lived on a corner and the two roads that joined to make it formed the very bottom left of the constituency. We played fun games on election day by running backwards and forwards across the road shouting "Reading East, Maidenhead, Reading East, Maidenhead". What an General Election THAT was!
June 7th, 2001 New house, new constituency. Reading East and the safe Labour seat held by Jane Griffiths. Would have voted LibDem.
May 5th, 2005 OK, no change this time. So I lied. Voted Green (Rob White) as advised by and also he has a friendly face.

From the Green Party's website:

Rob White (

Rob White is the Green Parliamentary candidate for Reading East. Rob White is 25, and a tireless local campaigner. He campaigns all year round on issues such as trade justice and the environment.

He lives in Reading, and works at a local independent garden centre. Rob grew up in Surrey and studied computer science at De Montfort University. He worked as a software engineer for four years before changing jobs to work in a garden centre. Rob has been active in the Green Party since 2004, standing in the local elections in Reading.

"The only wasted vote is a vote for something that you don't believe in"
Rob also says:

"Reading already has many campaigns and activities based around the Green Party themes of social justice and environmental sustainability.

"Reading Green Party has been working hard and will continue to work hard, to build on these solid foundations and make Reading the greenest town in the UK."

"Vote Green for a better future. For you, and for future generations."

Thursday, May 05, 2005

This years NSPCC Fun Run event took place on 5th May at Microsoft UK HQ at Thames Valley Park, Reading.

Sunday, May 01, 2005


Reading Beer Festival 2005

Surrounded by inspiration (beer) as I was tonight, here is my Reading Beer Festival Brewer's 11.

A 4-3-3 formation:

Up front we have

Trusty Servant (Winchester)
Tipton Pride (Toll End)
St George (Old Mill)

In Midfield

Black Gold (Castle Rock)
Pure Gold (Itchen Valley)
Fool's Gold (Teme Valley)

The back four is

Strikes Back (Empire) for coming from a goal down
Hibernator (Old Bear) as we are sleeping giants
Nightmare (Hambleton) for our start of season
Old Slug Porter (RCH) for Moxey

In Goal is

Heart of Oak (Oakleaf)

And the MIB today is

Blind Ref (William Greenwood)


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