Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I'm a big fan of AvantGo (mainly because they are free to use but also as their downloads have helped pass the time on some dull train journeys).

I'm also a big fan of SmartPhones (mainly because they are free - when I get a loan phone from work - and also because they help pass the time ... you get the idea...)
So I'm now the proud owner of an Orange SPV (the original PC20A running SmartPhone 2002) which I bought from work in a charity sale for a pittance.

Being a tight-arse (as you no doubt noticed), I don't want to spend money surfing the net from my phone (it's using a severly malnourished Virgin PAYG SIM) so I was hoping to use AvantGo to top it up with content when connected to my PC so I can read it later when I'm bored.
It seems that the client for the SmartPhone has been "coming soon, next year" since November 2004 and it is - finally - only in Q1 2006 that a beta version is coming out. Can't wait!

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