Thursday, December 30, 2004

Caught the 10:30pm showing of The Incredibles and was VERY impressed. The 2-hour film was just such a delight to watch, even if you didn't grow up on SuperHero comics like me (or James Bond movies come to that). The style of the artwork on the characters was lovely, the CGI on everything - especially the island - was simply fabulous. At times I was enthralled just watching the water rippling. Loved the ending - comic-geek heaven.

Flip-side thinking. Had a great plan today - we would head into town, have a restaurant lunch and then I would go to the cinema to see "The Incredibles" whilst wife and daughter go shopping. So we parked easily in Hill's Meadow, next to the Thames - £5.50 for the day (damned sight cheaper than anything in the town centre) - and had lunch in Nino's (Market Place). Picked up some holiday photos from Boots - disposable camera with FLASH this time - and they were all lovely. Day going well. Sue said to call on Samanth'a mobile after the film so we can meet up again - thinking ahead. So off I went to the cinema, about 45 minutes before start time, and found the big time screen at Vue flashing "few" for the 2:45 showing. Eeek. I join the queue and shuffle along, keeping an eye on the "few" on the board and the few in front of me. I reach the front of the queue and *BING* it shows "full". Gutted. Head hung low, I walked away from the cinema and phoned Samantha ... and phoned Samantha ... and phoned Samantha... Maybe she was in a big building and no signal could go through so no panic. She couldn't stay in a shop all day, not at her age. Strolled around the shops for an hour waiting for a call and browsing stuff I didn't really need - Sue benefited from a hardback copy of "Grumpy Old Men" (marvellous TV show) and I almost bought "Chez Geek 3" from Blackwells on Friar Street before the phone rang. My darling daughter had not yet worked out how to set the volume on her new phone so never heard it ring... Kids and technology, eh? Anyway, as I wanted to help the GARPS-friendly shop, we walked to WhiteKnights Games but no Chez Geek was in stock. My proto-Goth wife settled on "Chez Goth" instead. So, if I hadn't missed the movie, I wouldn't have got Chez Goth.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Received "Curse of Blondie" from my daughter {no, not a disease}. Not too impressed - must listen to it more to check for any redeeming features.


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