Rotherham 2-2 Wolves

Saville, Bödvarsson

Ipswich 4-2 Barnsley


The new football season kicks off with a draw for 10-man Wolves.

The Prediction League, though, is gaining people so let's say "hello" to:


And with beginner's luck, or second sight, Wokingham Welsh Wolf gains a perfect 9 and goes top of the table with Tom Banks.


Special mention for DoJIWAL who will be feeling flushed with success at her start to the season too.


9 Tom Banks, Wokingham Welsh Wolf
7 Kieron Dawson, Mancwolf
6 Wombourne Wolf
5 Clive in Cheltenham, Dave Fiddler
4 Cannock Wolf, DoJIWAL, Grandadwolf, Jim, JIWAL, Kiwiwolf, Nick Curtis, Sid Perks (Joker), Simon Powell, Toro, Vintage
3 Canterbury Wolf, Kevin Rogers, Maltwolf, Singwolf
2 Berkswolf, Eanna, Matt in Cheltenham, North Bank Wolf, Phil Bradley, Staines Wolf, VVVS 4Jackett,
1 Clive of Burton, Colonel Mustard, David Morgans, DoJB, Paris Wolf, Peter Pakeman, rdgc,
0 Paul Carter, Virginia Wolf