FA Cup

This year’s FA Cup run starts with Wolves xxxx on xxx xth.


The 3rd round will reduce the number of entrants to 32 ready for the traditional knock-out stages.


The current cup holder will get a bye to the 4th round.

They can still enter the 3rd round for the fun of it and show off their prediction skillz.


Predictions will need:


§  Result of game

§  Score line

§  Wolves goal scorer

§  Time of first goal (tiebreaker)


The lowest scoring predictions will be dropped from the competition, using the tiebreaker if needed.


3rd Round Results


Wolverhampton Wanderers 1-0 Crystal Palace

(Traoré, tiebreaker 35 minutes)


Special mention  for SingWolf and VVVS Clapper for getting the tie-breaker spot on (although no points for doing that).


Those that predicted a win all go through to the next round with last year’s winner, Glasgow Wolf.
In points order:


Those that gained just one point but went through on the tie-breaker:


Leaving those going home with Crystal Palace:

·       Colonel Mustard, CJM, Jim, Virginia Wolf, DoJB, Staines Wolf, Phil Bradley, AlexF, Eanna (NPR), Stephen (NPR)