February Special - Hugs

In the spirit of St. Valentine’s, it’s all about the love and sharing. 

1.       How many Wolves assists will there be in total for the month?

2.       Who will provide the most assists for Wolves in February?

If at month-end there is a tie between multiple players, player with most assists so far in season will be selected.

“Nobody” is obviously an option.


List of league matches



List of top carers





Deadline –



Will be a pot of 120 points.

Anyone getting 1 and 2 correct scores 15 points. If 9 or more people do so, they all instead have an equal share of the pot. For example, 10 winners means 12 points each.

Anyone getting 1 or 2 correct scores 5 points. If that would exceed the points remaining in pot then they all instead have an equal share of what’s left.

No points for being close.