August Special - Predicting for the Women’s Olympic Soccer event.

Deadline 3pm on Saturday 6th

From August 3rd – 19th, there are group and elimination stages for the Women’s Olympic Soccer event.

Please predict which countries win:

·         Gold medal

·         Silver medal

·         Bronze medal

 Group E – Brazil, China, South Africa, Sweden

Group F – Australia, Canada, Germany, Zimbabwe

Group G – Colombia, France, New Zealand, USA

(Groups A-D are for the Men’s teams)


Correctly predicting a country on the podium – 3 pts per country

Correctly predicting that country’s medal – extra 2pts per country

Maximum points awarded – 15 for getting all three medals correct


Bonus – 5 points for finding a connection between the Women’s Olympic Soccer event and WWFC.



An impressive final with Sweden playing till the last second.

Everyone’s prediction favourite, USA, were dumped out by ‘cowardly’ Sweden.

Everyone’s other prediction favourite, Brazil, also fell to the Swedes.

Looks like the Germans, also a popular prediction, didn’t get the memo.


Gold – Germany

Silver – Sweden

Bronze – Canada


Eight people managed to get two of the countries right.


8 points (one medal correct, one close)

JIWAL, Paris Wolf, Tom Banks


6 points (two close)

Berkswolf, DoJIWAL, Kieron Dawson, Singwolf, Wombourne Wolf


5 points (one medal correct)

Canterbury Wolf, Nick Curtis, Paul Carter, Peter Pakeman


3 points (one close)

Cannock Wolf, Clive of Burton, Colonel Mustard, Dave Fiddler, David Morgans, DoJB, Eanna, Grandadwolf, Jim, Kevin Rogers, Kiwiwolf, Maltwolf, Mancwolf, Matt in Cheltenham, North Bank Wolf, Pennine Wolf, Sid Perks, Simon Powell, Staines Wolf, Toro, VVVS 4Jackett


0 points

AlexF, Clive in Cheltenham, Exeter Wolf, Phil Bradley, rdgc, Vintage, Virginia Wolf, Wokingham Welsh Wolf


Bonus – points for finding a connection between the Women’s Olympic Football event and WWFC.

 I had no idea if there was a connection but some good ideas came in.

I’ve given points depending on how tenuous the link. 

·         Rachel Unitt (Toro) – ex-Wolves Women player that was selected to represent Great Britain in the 2012 Olympics (but missed out with a sore foot) – 4 points.

·         Jacqueline Anne Oatley, MBE (Clive in Cheltenham, Phil Bradley, Grandadwolf) was BBC Television reporter with the Great Britain women's Olympic football team for the 2012 Summer Olympics. – 3 points

·         Wolverhampton Olympic FC (Paul Carter) – 2 points for the team that plays at the Chris Jewkes Fitness Centre

·         Baroness Heyhoe Flint (JIWAL, Wombourne Wolf, Vintage) – 1 point for suggesting a WWFC woman

·         The letter W (Nick Curtis) – 1 point

·         WWFC play like girls (Kiwiwolf) – 1 point

·         K. Kyle (Paris wolf) – Kaylyn Kyle, reserve for the Canadian women’s team, has a similar name to Kevin Kyle, ship’s cleaner and ex-WWFC forward. – 1 point

·         Ex-Wolves player coaching one of the women's teams (Singwolf) – couldn’t find anything for this guess.

·         Fosums sponsoring the Chinese team (rdgc) – couldn’t find anything for this either.

·         WWFC and Olympic Women: neither have ever played at The Molineux (Alexf) – I assume this means ‘against each other’